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paper collage, analog collage

About Me

Handmade Paper Collage

Mihaela Nastase is a Romanian modern contemporary artist based in Bucharest with a declared passion for the handmade paper collage. Ever since she was a little girl, Mihaela was fascinated with pop art, and she found inspiration in famous artists, like Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol, but also in glossy magazines and popular videos of the ’90, that were so new to her teen eyes, once the communist regime was gone. In fact, Mihaela Nastase got into the collage art even before she even had that concept, since in the forth grade she started sending small collages to her friends and classmates as stamped letters. Later on, after graduating Law School at Romanian-American University in Bucharest, she started her own business and got engaged, so she left her imaginative side behind. It was only after a painful break-up that she got back to her first love, witch is the art of collage. Now Mihaela is focusing on expressing her creative force through paper collage techniques.

Artist Statement

I love to cut and paste my emotions… I am patiently choosing things that inspire me, going through all kings of magazines, and I do it without thinking, elaborating, it’s like my eyes and my hands have an intimate affair with the scissors. And then I let my unconscious mind do the talking by rearranging on the immaculate white paper the pieces that build my dreams, but also my worst nightmares.

The collage art is, for me, a way to express my vision on different aspects of romance, regret, nostalgia, joy, materialism, beauty… and everything else that makes up out twisted world. And by doing this, I seek relief, entertainment, comfort, sometimes, even a sweet rush. My mood is reflected within the complexity of the collage design. Sometimes I need those bright colours, mingles contours and pure magic. Other times, I feel like a lot more is expressed by a lot less… It depends. While creating a collage I can get lost in it for hours, time just stops. Pieces of paper could be like musical notes for the eyes that know how to listen.

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